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Caracas Simon Bolivar International / Maiquetia

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Continent: South America Country: Venezuela

Simon Bolivar International / Maiquetia
Location Caracas, Venezuela
Airport type Commercial
Overview map [ ]
Tower 118.1, 118.4, 121.7
Ground 121.9
Clearance -
Approach 120.1, 120.4
ATIS 114.8

Official Spotting Locations

Maiquetía Airport does not have any official viewing areas.


Other Spotting Locations

The restaurant at the domestic terminal provides a goos view of the ramp. However, the balcony is covered by a glass which generally is dirty, so the chances of getting good pictures from there is reduced.

Inside the domestic terminal the gate 5 at the departure hall provides a good view, but it is a heavily secured area, so be discreet and do not stay there of an extended period of time.

In the External Ramp after Gate 25 is a zone that you can take some good Photos. But you will need a good lens Camera because the runway is distant.

Locations to Avoid

The northern area of the airport (The area surrounding the VOR) shall be avoided as it is a very unsafe area and the risks of robbery are very high. Also, the scrapyard of runway 28 shall be also avoided due to the same reasons.

Regular Traffic

International Airlines

  • Aerolíneas Argentinas: (Airbus A340-200 / Airbus A340-300 / Boeing 747-400)
  • Air Canada: (Airbus A319)
  • Air Europa: (Airbus A330-200)
  • Air France: (Airbus A340-300)
  • Alitalia: (Boeing 767-300)
  • American Airlines: (Boeing 737-800 / Boeing 757-200)
  • Avianca: (Airbus A318 / Airbus A319 / Airbus A320 / Airbus A330-200)
  • Continental: (Boeing 737-800 / Boeing 737-900 / B757-300 (Seasonal))
  • Copa Airlines (Boeing 737-700 / Boeing 737-800 / Embraer 190)
  • Copa Airlines Colombia: (Boeing 737-700 / Embraer 190)
  • Cubana: (Tupolev TU204 / Ilyushin IL96)
  • Delta Airlines: (Boeing 737-800 / Boeing 757-200)
  • Dutch Antillean Express: (ATR42-300 / Fokker F100)
  • GOL Airlines: (Boeing 737-800)
  • Iberia: (Airbus A340-300 / Airbus A340-600)
  • LACSA: (Airbus A321-200 / Embraer 190-200)
  • LAN Airlines: (Boeing 767-300)
  • LAN Peru: (Boeing 767-300)
  • Lufthansa: (Airbus A340-300 / Airbus A340-600)
  • TACA Peru (Airbus 319-100)
  • TAM Linhas Aereas: (Airbus A320)
  • TAP Portugal: (Airbus 330-200)

Domestic Airlines

  • Aeropostal: (McDonnell Douglas DC-9-50 / McDonnell Douglas MD-80)
  • Aserca: (McDonnell Douglas DC-9-50 / McDonnell Douglas MD-80)
  • Avior: (Boeing 737-200)
  • Chapi Air: (Britten-Norman Bn2 Islander / Britten-Norman Trislander)
  • Conviasa: (Airbus 340-200 / ATR42-300 / ATR72-200 / Boeing 737-200 / Boeing 737-300 / Bombardier CRJ-700 / DeHavilland Dash-7)
  • Estelar: (Boeing 737-200)
  • Laser: (McDonnell Douglas DC-9-50 / McDonnell Douglas MD-81)
  • Linea Turísica Aerotuy (LTA): (ATR42-300 / DeHavilland Dash-7)
  • Perla Airlines: (McDonnell Douglas MD-80)
  • Rutaca: (Boeing 737-200)
  • SBA Airlines: (Boeing 757-200 / Boeing 767-300)
  • Venezolana: (Boeing 737-200 / McDonnell Douglas MD-80)

Cargo Airlines

  • ABSA Cargo: (Boeing 767-300F)
  • Aero Expreso (DHL): (Boeing 757-200F)
  • Aerosucre: (Boeing 727-200F / Boeing 737-200F)
  • Capital Air Cargo (Boeing 757-200F)
  • Centurion Air Cargo: (McDonnell Douglas MD-11F)
  • Cielos Cargo: (McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30F)
  • Cubana Cargo: (Tupolev TU204F)
  • LAN Cargo: (Boeing 767-300F / Boeing 777-200F)
  • Lineas Aereas Suramericanas: (Boeing 727-200F)
  • MAS Air Cargo (Boeing 767-300)
  • MTA Cargo: (McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30F)
  • Skylease Cargo: (McDonnell Douglas MD-11F)
  • Vensecar (DHL): (ATR42-300F / Boeing 727-200F)

Facilities and Transportation