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Cairns International Airport

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Continent: Oceania Country: Australia Region: Queensland
Cairns International Airport
Location Cairns, Queensland
Airport type Commercial
Overview map [ ]
Tower 124.9
Ground 121.7
Clearance 121.7
Approach 118.4, 126.1
Departure118.4, 126.1
ATIS 113, 131.1
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MacDonnell St Botanical Park

Off airport there is an overview of the runway and most of the airport from the MacDonnell St Botanical Park. From the street level take the Red Arrow Walking Track. This is steep in places and also has steps. There are a number of places to sit at the top of the climb with good photo opportunities of the holding point of 33 and the chance of spectacular take off shots if 15 is in use.

Given the climate and insect population, a hat, sunscreen, insect repellant and plenty of liquid are as essential as a minimum 200mm lens for photography.

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