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Alfonso Bonilla Aragon International Airport

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Continent: South America Country: Colombia
Alfonso Bonilla Aragon International Airport
Location Palmira, Colombia
Airport type Colombia
Overview map [ ]
Tower 118.1
Ground 121.9
Clearance 118.1
Approach 119.1
ATIS 115.5

Official Spotting Locations

There are no official locations for spotting at CLO. The authorities are extremely unfriendly with the spotters if you try to take pictures around the fences or in the roads around the airport. There are some stores and cafes with a great view to the central part of the ramp where you can take pictures without be hassled by security crews or the police, but since the windows are dirty and greasy, bring a window cleaner if you try to spot from those places. The Colombia store and Libreria Nacional have the best views. Avoid inside OMA cafe, Pan Pa Ya and Dunkin Donuts since the view is mostly obstructed by trees. Ventolini cafe have a great view but the windows are the dirtiest in the complex.

Other Spotting Locations

La Reja

Located on the road to "Museo del Transporte", the fence used to be a nice spot but now Aerocali, the operator of the airport, put trees blocking the view; there's 3 solid trees looking from the west to the regional and national ramp. You can climb the trees and get a great spot to watch or take pictures. I suggest you climb the tree take your pic and go since the road is frequently patroled by security crews (usually nasty) or police officers, as always take your ID with you and if they try to confiscate the camera or data memory don't fight. Request the name and the officer's badge number and ask for an official document of confiscation. To ask for that is absolutely legal, then go to the security office or police station in the airport and get your camera back.


Located next to the aviation fuel station, this place has a fence unobstructed with views to the descongestion ramp. Sometimes the Colombian Air Force parks planes at that location.

La Dian

Located in the cargo terminal aside the entrance for heavy trucks. Nice view of the cargo ramp (often obstructed by stairs and cargo equipment) and also offer a partial view to decongestion ramp.

La Carretera

Located 400 meters exiting the overpass bridge in the Palmira Cali Highway over the road to the airport, only good using a great zoom and a tripod. Great during afternoons, not good during mornings because photos will be backlit. At this place not you're not likely to be hassled by security crews, sometimes the police stops and ask; don't give them a hard time, be nice with them and they'll go fast. always carry your ID. **PLEASE, IF YOU DON'T HAVE A CAR DON'T TRY TO USE THIS LOCATION, CAN BE ASSAULTED OR EVEN KILLED BY THIEVES**

El Cañal

Is a private road across a sugar cane road, the access is on the road to the airport 500 meters from the overpass bridge make a right off the main road and you'll see a big gate on an unpaved road, usually is closed, you can go on your own responsability (nobody's gonna shoot you but use your common sense. If you see someone coming in the distance try to avoid to be discovered) go over the gate and walk around 400 meters and you'll get a nice view of the planes on final flying around 100 meters over the ground, keep in mind the lighting for the direction of your pics (east-west during mornings west and west-east in the afternoon). If you see an operator in the gate ask for permission to go and handed to him $2000 (US$1), he'll let you to go into the road with your car. DON'T LEAVE YOUR CAR UNATTENDED ON THE CURB OF THE MAIN ROAD


A private location near to the heading 19, nice views of planes rotating and flying low over the runway while taking off of runway 01, contact the Cali Spotters on the website cited below to try to schedule an spotting session.

Locations to Avoid

Since the airport is located in a rural area, the Cali Spotters group strongly suggest you to contact us before to proceed. We'll be happy to support you or even schedule am spotting session. visit [1]

Regular Traffic

  • Avianca: Fokker 50, Fokker 100, Airbus A318, A319, A320, A330
  • Copa Airlines Colombia: Embraer 190
  • Copa Airlines Panama: Embraer 190
  • Aires: Boeing 737-700NG, Dash 8 Q400
  • American Airlines: Boeing 737-800
  • LAN Peru: Airbus A319
  • TACA Peru: Airbus A319
  • TAME Ecuador: Embraer E170
  • Satena: Dornier DO328
  • TAC (Transportes Aereos Colombianos): LET 410, Beech 1900
  • Tampa Cargo: Boeing 767-200F
  • CV Cargo: Boeing 737-200F
  • Servientrega: Boeing 727-200F
  • Centurion Air Cargo: MD-11F
  • Delta helicopteros: Bell 206
  • Helitec: Bell 206, Kamov 32

Public Transportation

From Cali:

  • Lineas Consul: Van service operating every 10 minutes from Cali's bus terminal

From Palmira:

  • Coodetrans and Lineas Gaviota: Take the Rozo route from the train station or bus stop in front to Llanogrande shopping plaza.