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mapurl= https://goo.gl/maps/JnqweKKyfZYtMc5B9|
mapsource=Google Maps|
atcapproach=125.65MHz and 136.075MHz|
atcapproach=125.65MHz and 136.075MHz|
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The following is a list of regular scheduled airlines and their destinations, plus Aircraft operating.
The following is a list of regular scheduled airlines and their destinations, plus Aircraft operating.
Aer Arann
Air Malta - Malta = '''Airbus A320-200'''
Cork, Galway, Nantes) '''ATR 72-500'''
Air France
Paris-Charles de Gaulle '''ATR-42-500'''
Air Malta
Luga Airbus '''A320-200'''
Air Southwest
Jersey, Leeds/Bradford, Manchester, Newquay, Plymouth '''DHC-8-311'''
Aurigny Air Services
Brussels Airlines
Aurigny - Guernsey = '''ATR 72-500'''
Brussels'''BAE Systems Avro 146-RJ85'''
Continental Airlines
Newark '''Boeing 757-200 W/ Winglets'''
Eastern Airways  
Eastern Airways - Teeside = '''ERJ145'''
Aberdeen, Isle of Man British Aerospace '''Jetstream 41/Saab 2000'''
easyJet - Various Destinations = '''Airbus A319/A320'''
Blue Islands - Jersey = '''ATR72-600'''
(Alicante, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Belfast-International, Berlin-Schönefeld, Bordeaux,
Jet2 - Starting Summer 2021 = '''Boeing 737-800'''
Edinburgh, Faro, Funchal [starts 29 October 2007], Geneva, Glasgow, Grenoble [from 13 December 2007],
Ibiza, Inverness, Kraków, La Rochelle, Lisbon [starts 31 October 2007], Madrid, Mahon (Menorca), Marseille,
Malaga, Milan-Malpensa, Murcia, Newcastle, Nice, Palma de Mallorca, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Pisa, Prague, Rijeka, Rome-Ciampino, Toulouse, Valencia, Venice, Warsaw [begins October 2, 2007])
'''Airbus A319 On All Routes Apart from Newcastle and Belfast Services which are served with their based 737-700's.'''
KLM Cityhopper - Amsterdam = '''Embraer 170/195 or Boeing 737-700'''
Ryanair - Various Destinations = '''Boeing 737-800'''
KLM Cityhopper
Amsterdam '''Fokker 100/70'''
OLT (Ostfriesische Lufttransport)
Bremen, Hamburg '''Saab 2000/Saab 340'''
Bratislava [begins 8 November, 2007], Budapest [begins 7 November, 2007], Derry
[begins 7 November, 2007], Dinard [begins 8 November, 2007], Dublin, Girona, Katowice [begins 10 November, 2007]
, Knock [begins 7 November, 2007], Milan [begins 7 November, 2007], Porto [begins 7 November, 2007], Poznań
[begins 8 November, 2007], Riga [begins 7 November, 2007], Rzeszów [begins 8 November, 2007], Salzburg
[begins 19 December, 2007], Shannon, Wroclaw [begins 7 November, 2007] '''Boeing 737-800'''
Scandinavian Airlines System
Stockholm-Arlanda '''MD-81 (DC-9-81)'''
Isles of Scilly '''DHC-6-310 Twin Otter'''
TUI - Various Destinations = '''Boeing 737-800, 757-200, 787-8/787-9'''
==Facilities and Transportation==
==Facilities and Transportation==
==External Sites==
==External Links==
*[http://www.forums4airports.com Forums4airports] Airport Forum for all UK airports including BRS/EGGD Ideal for Spotters, Enthusiasts and Passengers alike.
*[http://www.forums4airports.com/forum429.html Forum for Bristol Airport] For BRS spotters and aviation enthusiasts as well as aviation professionals.
*[https://www.bristolairportspotting.co.uk Bristol Airport Spotting] Locations, photos, videos and information on spotting at BRS.
*[https://app.spottinglog.com/embed.php?airport=5806 Bristol Airport SpottingLog] Spotting database of aircraft seen at Bristol Airport from enthusiasts logs.
*[https://www.freshaviation.co.uk/ Fresh Aviation] Aviation community at Bristol Airport with groups, events, photos and news.
*[https://www.bristolandwessex.co.uk/ Bristol & Wessex Aeroplane Club] Friendly and professional flying club at Bristol Airport.
*[https://app.spottinglog.com/embed.php?airport=EGGD Bristol Airport Sightings] Sightings of aircraft and photos at Bristol Airport.

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Continent: Europe Country: United Kingdom Region: England
Bristol International Airport
Location Bristol, England
Airport type Commercial
Website https://www.bristolairport.com
Overview map Google Maps
Tower 133.85MHz
Ground 121.925MHz
Approach 125.65MHz and 136.075MHz
ATIS 126.02MHz

Main Spotting Location

Winters Lane

Although BRS doesn't have an official Spotting Area, there is a location off Downside Road, on Winters Lane. This area is probably the best out of the few places, because you catch the 09 Line ups and landings, and the long 27 departures when the heavier aircraft such as the FCA 767 are in. Airport Staff and Police seem to have no problem with this; you'll usually get a wave from the ASU. A ladder is recommended for people wishing to partake in photography.

This location is off Downside Road, along Winters Lane, on the turning for Tall Pines Golf Club.See Map.

Other Spotting Locations

Runway 09 ILS

Below the ILS System for 09 is another place where sometimes people stop, only usually used when R/W 09 is active. Here you can get some interesting angles for photography.

This location is off Downside Road, along Winters Lane. See Map.

Locations to Avoid

Pathway leading up to RWY27 threshold

On the Southeast end of the airfield there's an unmarked gate by the A38 through which a path (the old road) can be found that leads right down to near the threshold of RWY27. Whilst this provides great views, one is in clear view of pilots lining up as well as security staff who will ask you to move immediately. The gate leading down that path is not marked and as such one might be fooled into thinking it's a legitimate spot but it would in fact seem that you may be described as a "security scare" if you venture there.

Regular Traffic

The following is a list of regular scheduled airlines and their destinations, plus Aircraft operating.

Air Malta - Malta = Airbus A320-200

Aurigny - Guernsey = ATR 72-500

Eastern Airways - Teeside = ERJ145

easyJet - Various Destinations = Airbus A319/A320

Blue Islands - Jersey = ATR72-600

Jet2 - Starting Summer 2021 = Boeing 737-800

KLM Cityhopper - Amsterdam = Embraer 170/195 or Boeing 737-700

Ryanair - Various Destinations = Boeing 737-800

TUI - Various Destinations = Boeing 737-800, 757-200, 787-8/787-9

Facilities and Transportation

External Links