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Continent: Asia Country: Thailand
Bangkok International Airport
Don Muang
Location Bangkok, Thailand
Airport type Commercial
Website http://www.airportthai.co.th/airportnew/bangkok/index.asp
Overview map [ ]

Official Spotting Locations

Spectator's Terrace

An excellent spectator's terrace runs along the length of the International Terminal 1. Great for spotting though the far runway is still a little distant even with good binoculars. Note that recently, just before the official closure of the airport, security was somewhat tighter and the author was given some serious questioning by heavily armed police. All ended in handshakes but with list of registrations handed in. The Thais are most understanding and hospitable people but times are tense in Bangkok. The airport is now due to reopen again following problems at the new Suvaranabhumi airport. Not sure on the status of the terrace as a result.

Other Spotting Locations

Airport Hotel - Comfort Suites

The Comfort Suites Airport Bangkok Hotel provides some really good views of departing and arriving aircraft. The hotel has a pool area facing the airport, and from here there is a stair along the hotel wall, leading up to the roof. This is a great spot for arrivals 03L and departures from 21R. You can also book a room for a very good price and if you get one on the top floor facing the airport (I got room 616) you can actually shoot from your balcony.

Locations to Avoid


Regular Traffic

Facilities and Transportation