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Continent: North America Country: United States Region: Maryland

Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport
Location Linthicum, Maryland
Airport type Commercial
Overview map Google Maps
Tower 119.4 257.8
Ground 121.9
Clearance 118.05
Approach 119.0(020-100) 119.7(131-180) 124.55(101-130) 128.7(181-019)
Departure119.0(020-100) 119.7(131-180) 124.55(101-130) 128.7(181-019)
ATIS 115.1 127.8

Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport is located in Linthicum, Maryland, near Baltimore. This airport is Southwest Airlines' major east-coast hub, with a brand-new terminal opening for that airline on the west side of the airport. There is also some scattered international service and military charters at this airport.

Official Spotting Locations

Note: If you will be taking photos from any of the following spotting areas, you may wish to contact the BWI Customer Service Center first at 410-859-7992.

Dixon Spotting Park

The Dixon Spotting Park is located at the end of runway 33L on Dorsey Road at the south side of the airport. The park is open to the public. There is a parking lot and benches at this park. Be sure not to walk out of the park along Dorsey Road or on the grass area around the approach lights. This is illegal.

Terminal Spotting Area

There is also a designated spotting area inside the airport terminal between terminals B and C, where there is free ATC listening provided as well the nose section of a B737-200. With its nose wheel lowered, the exhibit creates the illusion of a plane frozen in a glidepath toward a simulated runway centerstripe aligned on the floor below. The perception is reinforced by flashing centerline lights. Stand under it and see what you think :)

Other Spotting Locations

There is a golf driving range across the grass field from the Dixon Spotting Park. This range offers great views of the other side of the aircraft arriving and departing from runway 33L. The parking lot at Old Mill High School, on Patriot Lane off of Old Mill Boulevard, is good for 33L arrivals, as is the Target parking lot on Nolpark Court off of Crain Highway South. There is also the Midfield Cargo Center at the airport; Mathison Way off of Aviation Boulevard runs about half of the length of runway 15R and is directly alongside it. Be careful taking photos here, you may be approached by authorities. Also do not trespass on the BWI Airport Fire Station at the end of Mathison Way. This is a secure area. The BWI parking garage also offers good views, but requires a large lens. Be careful of authorities here as well. Inside the airport terminal there are also several restaurants with great ramp views. If you would like to use the Signature Flight Support parking lot on Aaronson Drive off of Aviation Boulevard, it is recommended to go inside and ask for permission first.

Locations to Avoid

Do not use anything around the Northrop Grumman facility; security may notice and police may be called. Overall, just remember, if you don't think it's okay to be somewhere, leave!

Regular Traffic

Domestic Airlines

  • Alaska Airlines: Boeing 737-900ER
  • American Airlines: Multiple daily 737-800s
    • American Eagle: Multiple daily ERJ-135/140/145s
  • Delta Air Lines: B717-200s, B737-800s, B757-200s, A319s, A320s
    • Delta Connection: ERJ-145, CRJ-200, E-175s, CRJ-700s, and CRJ-900s
  • JetBlue: Multiple A320s and E-190s
  • Southwest Airlines: Over 150 Boeing 737 MAX 8s, Boeing 737-700s, and Boeing 737-800s
  • Spirit Airlines: Multiple daily A319s, A320s, and A321s
  • United Airlines: A319s, A320s, B757-200s, 737-500s, 737-700s, 737-800s, and 737-900ERs
    • United Express: ERJ-145s, CRJ-700s, Dash-8-200, and Q400

International Airlines

  • Air Canada Express: Dash 8- Q400s
  • Apple Vacations operated by Aeromexico: B737-800s
  • Apple Vacations operated by Frontier: A320
  • Bahamasair: Boeing 737-400
  • British Airways: Boeing 767-300ER
  • Condor: Boeing 767-300ER

Frequent Charters

  • ATI: DC-8s, and B757-200s
  • Atlas Air: Boeing 747-400F and Boeing 767-300ER
  • Omni Air International: Boeing 767-300ERs, and Boeing 777-200ERs
  • United Charter: Boeing 747-400s

Cargo Carriers

  • DHL operated by ABX Air: Boeing 767-200F
  • FedEx Express: Variable cargo types
    • FedEx Feeder: Cessna 208 Caravan
  • UPS: Variable cargo types

One of the only airports that you can get lucky any time, any day!

Facilities and Transportation

There are several hotels in the direct area of BWI, as well as a large amount of parking with shuttles to the terminal. There are also all the amenities you would expect at any airport; see the customer service center or the BWI website for more information. Amtrak and MARC trains also run from the Amtrak station on the northwest side of the airport to Washington DC, New York, and other east coast destinations.

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