Alicante Airport

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Continent: Europe Country: Spain
Alicante Airport
Location Alicante, Spain
Airport type Commercial
Overview map [ ]
Tower 118.150
Ground 130.650
Approach 118.800

Official Spotting Locations

Other Spotting Locations

The Hill

Alongside the runway is a brilliant place for spotting and photos, referred to as The Hill. For better details see this map. If you don't have a car, a bus or El Altet and a long walk is required for the best sites. Or at the entrance to El Altet you can sit at the Repsol service station restaurant provided you are a paying customer.

Locations to Avoid

The Terminal

The view from the terminal are often distorted or blocked and therefore produce disappointing results.

Regular Traffic

  • RYR - Ryanair
  • EZY - Easyjet
  • EZS - Easyjet Switzerland
  • MON - Monarch
  • NAX - Norwegian Air Shuttle
  • BER - Air Berlin
  • ANE - Air Nostrum
  • SBI - S7 Siberian Airlines
  • TRA - Transavia

Facilities and Transportation

External Links

  • Alicante Airport Forum is a forum for El Altet/Alicante airport aircraft spotters and enthusiasts. It is in Spanish, but if you post a question in English someone will likely help.