Abbotsford International Airport

Continent: North America Country: Canada Region: British Columbia
Abbotsford International Airport
Location Abbotsford, British Columbia
Airport type Commercial
Overview map Google Maps
Tower 119.4000 (inner)
121.0000 (outer)
Ground 121.8000
ATIS 119.8000

Official Spotting Locations


The baggage/arrivals hall has a wall of windows sufficient for limited spotting of the apron, but depending on the amount of aircraft on the apron the view may be non-existent. Passengers from the jetbridge (used by WestJet) exit in front of these windows.

The boarding lounge has larger views of the apron and across to Cascade Aerospace and Shell AeroCentre but the windows are frequently dirty and poor for photography.

Other Spotting Locations

Townline Road

Townline Road ends in a cul de sac with good views of Shell AeroCentre and departures on 07 and taxiing departures to 25. Aircraft taxiing to the AeroCentre will pass right by. The fence is pretty high but the road is elevated, some spotters may want a step ladder.

To get here from the terminal turn right onto Mt. Lehman Rd, then turn right on Marshall Rd, then turn right on Townline Rd and follow down to the end. There is ample parking at the cul de sac.

Clearbrook Road

This location is good for arrivals on 25 and decent for departures on 25. There is no proper parking location but most areas of the road are safe and legal to park. There is a small area directly in line with the runway where parking is prohibited but parking there is a poor angle for photos.

To get here from the terminal turn left onto Mt. Lehman Rd, then turn left onto Huntingdon Rd, then turn left onto Clearbrook Rd. Both sides of the road are sufficient for good angles.

Locations to Avoid


Regular Traffic

  • Air Canada Rouge: Toronto (A319)
  • Flair Airlines: Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg (737-400)
  • Island Express Air:Nanaimo, Vancouver, Victoria, Qualicum Beach (Piper Navajo, Piper Cheftain, Beech King Air, Piper Cherokee)
  • Swoop: Edmonton, Hamilton, Las Vegas, Winnipeg (Winter: Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta) (737-800)
  • WestJet: Calgary (Winter: Puerto Vallarta) (737-600/700/800)
  • WestJet Encore: Calgary (Q400)

Facilities and Transportation

The terminal is open to non-passengers. Getting from the terminal to spotting locations is best done by vehicle.

Extremely infrequent bus transportation is available from Aldergrove or Abbotsford of Central Valley Transit Route 21.