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Bergen Airport

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Continent: Europe Country: Norway
Bergen Lufthavn Flesland
Location Bergen, Norway
Airport type Commercial
Overview map [ ]
Tower 119.10
Ground 121.90
Clearance 122.100 mon-fri 0500-1800
Approach 125.00
ATIS 125.25

Flesland is being expanded. So expect construction work, and therefore some of the spots might be unsuitable during the construction period.

Official Spotting Locations

There is no official spotting location at Flesland.

Other Spotting Locations

Spot A: The CHC Parking lot

This spot gives a good view towards the 17 threshold and the A4 and A5 turnoffs which aircraft landing on 35 will use. The North Sea bound helicopters also will take off and land from the A5 intersection when 17 is in use. The spot is best in the early parts of the day as it will get the sun head on after twelve. Aircraft taxiing on Charlie for 17 will get close, so wide angle is recommended for those, however, the 17 threshold requires up around 400mm for acceptable photos on the average sized aircraft coming to Bergen.

To reach this spot, walk from the terminal towards the tower, down to the big SAS hangar, then follow the road that runs past the hangar till you arrive at the parking lot.

Example photos taken at Spot A:

Spot B: The Main car park

The top level of the car park in front of the main terminal gives good views towards the nearest domestic and international gates, and also towards Apron N and S. If you have a long reaching lens, there are photo opportunities of aircraft on the runway. Has the same light conditions as Spot A. A 200mm lens is sufficient at this spot.

Example photos taken at Spot B:

Spot C: Hill on the vest side of the airport

This spot is great for runway 35 landings and takeoffs, and planes standing on the international side of the terminal, plus the south apron and the new remote apron south when it opens. For the planes taking off and landing a lens in the 200mm area should be sufficient, but for the aprons, 400mm is recommended. The Light conditions are opposite of A and B, so the latter part of the day gives the best light conditions. The land is private, but the land owner is positive to spotters as long as you don't litter or destroy the fences.

This spot is best reached by car or bus, but is accessible from the airport terminal if you don't mind a little walk.

By car: Starting at the airport, drive south towards the freight area (the building with the SAS plane on it), follow the road past the industrial area till you arrive at a roundabout. Turn right and follow this road till you drive past a horse farm, after that it's the third exit on your left. There should be a sign saying Mesta. The road is a gravel road. If you see the exit for Flesland kai you have gone too far. Drive up the gravel road till you arrive at the top of the hill.

By bus: Take the 57 buss from Birkelandskrysset terminal, ask the driver to let you know when the stop for Flesland kai is (or alternatively the express boat stop). After leaving the bus, walk back towards where the bus came from till you see a gravel road on your right going up a hill, lock for the Mesta sign. Follow it till the top of the hill. Current time tables for the bus can be fetched from Skyss.

By foot: Walk or take the free bus to the remote car park beyond the freight area. On the right side of the entrance of the remote car park there is a path that runs along the south side of the airport, follow it till you reach the road, turn right and follow the road along till you see a small red cottage on your left, take the next exit after it, and follow the gravel road to the top.

Example photos taken at Spot C:

Spot D: Clearing on the North West part of the airport

This spot requires walking through some light forest.

Proceed to the very end of the road described in the Spot C description, try to find a suitable spot to park your car. There should be a path on the right side of the road, follow it and walk in the direction of the airport, walk till you reach the airport perimeter fence, follow it till you reach a clearing. You'll then be around the extended threshold for the 17 end of the runway. If arriving by the bus, take it to the final stop and continue along the road till it bends towards the ocean.

This spot is good for pictures of aircraft on short final and aircraft lining up on 17. 200mm is sufficient.

A note, during the summer at this spot there is a big chance of meeting the only poisonous snake in Norway, the European viper, so lookout so that you don't step on them.

Exampl photos taken at Spot D:

  • sample photo: large
  • sample photo: large

Spot E: East side of 35 threshold

To reach this spot you'll have to walk or take the free coach down to the remote car park. To the right of the car park entrance you'll find a walk path that goes down along the runway. Follow this path till you reach the only viable spot where you can climb up to the runway level. You can't miss it. There you can follow the fence either towards the runway threshold or towards the new remote parking. There are high fences, but for 35 landings you can get good photos, and with a small step ladder you can take pictures above the fence. At this spot you can possible be approached by airport security, but act polite and you should have no problems.

A below 100mm lense is recommended for close up photos, and 200 to 400mm for approach photos.

Exampl photos taken at Spot E:


It is also possible to take photos over and through the fence down at the GA area, and by gate by stand 21.

Locations to Avoid


Regular Traffic

SAS: 737-4/5/6/7/800, A32x, CRJ900, MD80

Norwegian: 737-3/800

Danish Air Transport: ATR42, ATR72

Widerøe: Dash8-1/3/400

KLM: 737-3/4/8/900, Fokker70/100, EMB190

Cimber: CRJ200

Lufthansa: CRJ200/700, EMB190

Various charter companies: 737/A320/A330

Facilities and Transportation

The terminal houses all you need, 7/11, free restrooms and Internet hotspots.

The Airport Coach runs to and from Bergen every half hour most of the day. It’s a bit expensive, ticket price at time of writing 95kr one way or 150kr for a roundtrip ticket. The 57 bus needed for Spot C also goes by the airport, ticket price 29kr. Bus timetables available at Skyss.