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Málaga Airport

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Continent: Europe Country: Spain
Málaga Airport
Location Málaga, Spain
Airport type Commercial
Overview map Google Maps
Tower 118.15
Ground 121.7
Approach 123.950
ATIS 118.05
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There is a lot of construction work going on in order to expand the airport under "Plan Malaga" (as of Summer 2008, this shall go on for another few years).
Road traffic flow changes from time to time.
The railway station is planned to be relocated once the new terminal is constructed.
A new (roughly parallel) runway is under construction north-east of the original airport.

Official Spotting Locations

Currently, there is no official location for spotters.

Other Spotting Locations

If you wish to see aircraft parked on the North ramp these can be seen from the new car park top floor. For General aviation a visit to the museum (open Mon-Sat 1000-1400) will give an excellent view of the GA ramp. Otherwise a car is required to get a decent view or photos. My personal preference is by the military ramp (which has few visitors) where a clear view can be had of all movements on the south side. Reading registration in the GA area is difficult unless you have a good scope or bins (at least x70)due to the almost constant heat haze. For photos I would recommend at least a 150mm.

Terminal 1 Check-in Counters

In the old terminal 1 right to check-in counters there is a huge window where you can spot. But taking pictures is quite difficult caused by a two glass window.

This terminal also features a self-service restaurant giving you a view of a small portion of the apron and the action on the runway.
The seating area of BurgerKing next door gives even less views.

Departure Area

The second spot would be in the departure area. At the end of the terminal (close to gate 20) there is also a huge window front (just one glass) but this is green/yellow colored.

West of the airport

If you have got a car at hand, go to the village of Churrianna (enter "Calle de Rigoberta Menchú, 29004, Malaga, Malaga, Andalusia, Spain" as destination in route planners). The parking bay at the upper end of this sloping road gives you some good views (but rather distant for photography) of the apron and action on the single runway as you are on higher terrain. A building is obstructing views of the south-eastern part of the apron, but as of late 2010, this apron is rarely used now, as traffic has shifted to new Terminal 3. Aircraft parked at the far side of Terminal 3 will be out of view.
Down the road you are directly the airport fence, will lose some overview, but will gain views of the apron (including the military apron) as well as about half of the runway. It is possible to park a few cars there.

As you are west of the airport, the sun will not bother photography.

Locations to Avoid

nothing specific.

Regular Traffic

The airport handled 13,590,805 passengers in 2007. This should give you an estimate that this single-runway airport is "busy" (to call it the least). If you miss your slot, be prepared for a long wait.


All spanish carriers.
Lots of european charter airlines and Low Cost Carriers.
Many european network carriers serve AGP (usually about once a day, but some routes have been reduced in frequency recently).
Small props (DH4, ATR72) for flights to the Spanish enclave Melilla in Northern Africa.

General Aviation area is very busy with on average 20+ visiting bizjets here on any given day.

Facilities and Transportation

Local railway line running from Malaga (the city) via the airport to touristic spots Torremolinos and Fuengirola.
Rental car companies are abundant.