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London Stansted Airport

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Continent: Europe Country: United Kingdom Region: England
London Stansted Airport
Location London, England
Airport type Commercial
Overview map Google Maps
Tower 118.150
Ground 121.725
Approach 125.550
ATIS 127.175
Plane Spotting Hotels guide

Official Spotting Locations

Just outside of the terminal on the southwest end above the rail station. This doesn't allow you to get very close however, you have a good view of the runway and of the western most concourse (where most of the interesting stuff is).

Other Spotting Locations

If the weather is bad (rain, snow etc.) inside the main terminal, the windows by the point where people can meet those arriving on domestic flights. Also the grassy area above the rail lines next to the terminal provides excellent views of all the activity and there is a hole in the bushes 50 feet from the terminal that allows you get to it.

Approach Field 22 End

There is a field at the end of runway 22 where aircraft, if using that runway, will pass over you. Unfortunately no ground shots can be had from here as the runway is well set back with a hill a fence and trees in the way. Although this isn't the greatest place in the world to get pictures from, it is about the best Stansted has to offer and you are not going to be bothered here.

How To Get There - Coming off the M11, but pass the terminal area and head for Molehill Green and Elsenham. You'll need to go past Molehill Green and then there will be a turn on your left with a black sign for Hyteck Technologies. Turn left here and continue to the end of the road. You should be able to park your car at the end and walk in to the field for approach shots like those above. This map may help you. You need to turn left at "Gaunt's End" and continue down past "Mott's Hall" to the end of that road.

At this point you may get a visit from the police. They will do a stop and search but they won't move you on though. Just don't argue or refuse to the stop and search. The police are usually very friendly and sometimes even stop there for lunch and to do some spotting themselves. From time to time airport security asks plane spotters to leave this place but they have no right to do so, as the area is public land.

Belmer Road is another possibility and probably the best view of the runway. This spot is just off the road, immediately behind the row of trees. This area is to the north west of the airport where aircraft will arrive, depart and taxi in front of you.

Another possibility for drivers is a quick stay at the Birchanger motorway services close to the end of 05. As far as can be seen there's nothing to stop spotters though better to be discrete and remember these service areas are on private land and the owner's security could move you on.

Great Hallingbury. Great for approaches to Runway 04. Park near the Church. Walk through garden and there is a Public Footpath that leads to an open field. Photos can be taken on approach.

Locations to Avoid

Stansted Airport Business Park

Spotters actively discouraged from this location.

Regular Traffic

  • Asiana Cargo: 747-400F
  • Astraeus: 757-200
  • Aurigny: ATR 72
  • EasyJet: A319
  • FedEx: A300, MD-11
  • Germanwings: A319
  • 737-300
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle: 737-800
  • Ryanair: 737-800
  • Turkish Airlines: 737-800, A321

Facilities and Transportation

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