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Varig Log,
Varig Log,
BacExpress (Shorts 360/DHC6)
==Facilities and Transportation==
==Facilities and Transportation==

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Continent: Europe Country: United Kingdom Region: England
London Luton Airport
Location Luton, England
Airport type Commercial
Overview map [ ]
Tower 132.55
Ground 121.75
Approach 129.55
ATIS 120.575

Although Luton airport does not house any official spots there are many spot around the airport. Luton is one of the best airports in London for spotting, it has many interesting arrivals and the authorities have no problem with photography and spotting so long as you do not tresspass on to forbidden land.

Official Spotting Locations


Other Spotting Locations

Fire Station Access Road/The Bridge

EasyJet 737 visible from the south side of the bridge

Besides taxiway Alpha, opposite the terminal. To reach this point you must head out of the terminal area and through the tunnel which goes under taxiway Alpha. You'll see a small hill straight ahead of you which is where the spot is. Beware that no parking is allowed here as it is a working area! The North side of the taxiway can also be used, you get closer to the aircraft here, but it may become backlit in the afternoons and winter months, and so you may be advised to use the south side. The authorities won't move you on from here.

Taxi rank and set down area

This is the closest thing Luton has to an official viewing area. As the roadway is higher than the apron there are views of the east apron and taxiway over the fence.

  • sample photo: large

Crash Gate

If you're most interested in number jotting then this is probably the best place to go. Head towards the M1 and then turn right at the third roundabout you reach. Then turn right again heading towards Wheathampstead. This road goes for a couple of miles before you take the 2nd left at a set of crossroads. Go under the railway and climb up the hill before turning left then immediatley bearing right. Turn left at the next junction and follow the road to the runway. The authorities are usually fine with you here, provided you don't block the gate with any part of your car.

Outside of terminal building

By the front of the terminal building, by the short term car park, you can see over the parking ramps which are often used by airlines such as Wizz and Monarch. Photography here isn't the best, as only the front aircraft are fully visible, and the taxiway in the distance may be too distant and hazy during the summer. The authorities won't move you on from here.

Locations to Avoid


Regular Traffic

EasyJet and business jets

Other Traffic

LTN is the place for business jets. Many companies land at luton I have listed some below, Aer Arran, Wizz (320's), Wizz Air Bulgaria (320's), Ryanair (737), Easyjet (737/ 319), First Choice, Monarch, TUI, Silver Jet, XL Airways,

TUESDAY EVENING - Sunexpress (737) WEDNESDAY MORNING - Onur Air (A321)

A good variety of CARGO also lands at LTN... DHL (757/A300), MNG Cargo , Air Atlantique (Bae ATP), TNT, Varig Log, BacExpress (Shorts 360/DHC6)

Facilities and Transportation

All the facilities are inside the terminal building.

Luton airport parkway serves the airport, although it is not directly adjacent to it, a free shuttle bus runs about once every 10 minutes during peak times. The railway goes all the way from Brighton in the south, through London and up to Bedford, but there are faster services available which go much further north aswell. There are numerous buses running from all over the south east.